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Meniscus Repair Specialist in Glendale, CA

The meniscus is a cartilage pad in the knee joint that sits on top of the shin bone (tibia). There are two menisci in the knee, medial and lateral. The function of the meniscus is to provide cushion and stability to the knee to protect the cartilage that coats the end of the thigh bone(femur).It is like a shock absorber. Without the meniscus, the cartilage that coats the end of the bone (articular cartilage) is subject to more pressure and can wear out over time.

Board-certified orthopaedic surgeons, Dr. Vahan Cepkinian and Dr. Ryan Morgan specialize in utilizing the latest in technology to perform the meniscus repair surgery for patients suffering from meniscus tears in Glendale, CA. They will take the time to provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis to help determine if the meniscus repair procedure is right for you. For more information, contact our office at 818-547-0608 and schedule an appointment today!

How is the Meniscus Repair Procedure Performed?

There are different types of meniscus tears, and certain tears will require repair. Meniscus repair is performed arthroscopically. During this procedure, special suture devices are used to pass stitches around the meniscus to tie it back together and allow it to heal. Because the meniscus does not have very good blood flow, (we start to lose the blood flow to the meniscus around age 18) the healing rates of meniscus repair are around 80%.

Meniscus root tears are different. Because this is a complete tear of the meniscus off of the bone, it requires a different type of surgical repair. This repair is also performed arthroscopically. Sutures are placed in the back of the meniscus at the tear site. Next, a small drill is used to create a hole in the tibia where the meniscus was previously attached. There pair stitches are then brought down into this tunnel to reattach the meniscus onto bone.

Meniscus repair surgery is done as an outpatient. It typically takes 60-90 minutes to perform. It is commonly performed in conjunction with ACL reconstruction.

What is the Recover Process Post Meniscus Repair?

Recovery from meniscus repair surgery require a brace and crutches for about 1 month. Jogging is allowed at three months. It can take 4-6 months for full return to sports or other high level activities.

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